Why choose us? We use the Right soaps, the Right techniques, to get YOU the Right results.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jake Taylor, Curb Appeal Power Wash as a quality contractor... We will continue to use his service and I recommend you give him the opportunity to assist you in your cleaning projects.
— John Boyd, Superintendent of Green Space and Parkland Shawnee County Parks + Recreation Topeka Kansas 785-251-2614

With a reference like that; we just had to share it!


Park & Playground cleaning

You put a lot of money into purchasing, installing, and maintaining your park and playground equipment. Soon after, it now it looks dingy, dirty, moldy, and maybe even tagged with graffiti. Let us help you save time and money with a park or playground wash and disinfect. We use trained technicians, proper soaps & techniques with hot water to get you that fresh clean curb appeal. Our procedures are approved from the Kansas Departement Health & Enviorment.

Shelters, tables, and benches

You have many great areas for the community to enjoy; and keeping them clean and disinfected can be very time consuming. Birthday parties, family events, and cook outs can leave these a mess. Does your crew have the time to get them back to clean or just time to collect the trash?

Let us help you remove years of build up from these shelters, tables, and benches, and pads to make it easier for you to maintain.

Shelter house.JPG

Graffiti Cleaning & Removal

To clean and remove graffiti without damaging the surface takes using the Right soaps and the Right techniques to get You the Right results.

Promote you Newly Clean Park or Playground

Need a perspective from an 8yr old to help show off your fun parks and Playgrounds? Ask Alex! 

Ask Alex was started to help promote family fun time after the parks and playgrounds were cleaned and play ready.