Calls of praise to the Director!

On numerous occasions, I received phone calls from citizens who lived near specific parks following your work remarking how “clean” and “shiny” the equipment looked. On another project, I spoke with person regarding how pleased that the paint parks used cover graffiti was removed but that there was no sign of the graffiti left years ago. However, the best comment I received was from a representative of a local Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA). The gentleman phoned me to thank me for the new playground equipment we installed in his neighborhood park. I was relatively sure that we had not added new equipment but checked with staff. I phoned him back to tell him all we did was have “Curb Appeal” power wash the equipment. He adamantly responded that he was looking at the equipment and this was new. I reiterated that it wasn’t new, just cleaned. To this day he is sure that I am wrong. The equipment had been placed over 10 years ago.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recommend you, Jake Taylor, Curb Appeal as a high quality contractor. Shawnee County Parks + Recreation has utilized this company and found the company to be very responsive took great pride in their product and demonstrated excellent customer service. We will continue to use this service and I recommend others give him the opportunity to assist in cleaning projects.
— John E. Knight, Director Shawnee County Parks + Recreation Topeka Kansas 785-251-2600
Jake Taylor