Bye germs.... don't come back!

Our Child Care program recently tried out the sanitizing process provided by Curb Appeal and it was a Wonderful experience in all regards
Jake Taylor was prompt and courteous and very patient at explaining the process repeatedly when had further questions regarding the process or the products. He was very knowledgeable about the issues and concerns that might come up in a child care setting and was able to fully address anything that needed to know about.
The process was quick and left the rooms smelling clean without having a heavy scent and the process did not leave anything wet or sticky.
Prior to the Sanitizing we had been having a wave of several different illnesses moving through from children to Staff despite heavy cleaning and sanitizing at the most extreme level we could accomplish, but after our first service by Curb Appeal we have had virtually no absences related to communicable illnesses.
Parents were very appreciative and many stated that whatever the cost of the process, they felt it was well worth it and were extremely pleased that our program had taken the initiative to protect their children by having Curb Appeal treat our facility.
Furthermore, Jake has been extremely accommodating at helping us to develop a proposal for our Board to move forward in using this process in all five of our centers in the future. We look forward to having this be a regular feature that we offer and feel that any child care program that offers this
process in their facility will benefit in a variety of ways especially less sick days for staff and children alike.
— Cheryl Rockhold MS Center Director TDC's Adventures Early Learning Center
Jake Taylor